Photographer said, "Want to try a hairflip?" YES.

Try it.

Why not? That’s my thing. I wouldn’t be a copywriter if I took Miami Ad School up on their offer to make me an art director, instead of moving to another state (and less exciting city) to attend the VCU Adcenter. I wouldn’t have interned at CP+B LA or lived a block from the ocean in Venice Beach with two cats if I took a paid internship that didn’t require me to drive cross-country twice. I wouldn’t have met my husband if I decided that I’d rather not work on Kmart. I wouldn’t have had a stint in springboard diving (I’d never been on a 3-meter), American Musical Theater (I’m no singer), or knife throwing (I’m not a ninja). It’s also probably the reason why there’s nothing I won’t eat. Because when staring a new challenge, place, project (or plate) in the face, I say, “Try it.” So have a look around at some of the things I’m proud to say I’ve tried.